Play challenges

Perform tasks and routines as time challenges

Push your limits

Try to beat your own record while playing your challenges

Become a master

Improve progressively and get where you didn't think it was possible

Who is Kiteki for?

If you'd like to perform tasks and routines more efficiently, Kiteki is for you.

It's especially useful to people with ADHD and time blindness.

In short, our goal is to make you feel like a productivity badass.

Is my data safe?

Yes! See more details on our Privacy policy

Why the dragon logo?

Our logo is inspired by an ancient Chinese legend. The legend explains that there was a koi fish so strong that it could jump to the top of a waterfall. After facing many challenges and reaching the top, the Gods turned the koi fish into a powerful golden dragon.

With Kiteki, you can be that golden dragon.